Dynamic geometry to help you explore math


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GEUP is a powerful program for learning and doing practical geometry on your computer. Its computation capacity alongside its graphic representation and ease of use make this a useful, versatile tool for learning and practicing math at any level.

With GEUP you can explore math in a visual and interactive way, building real-world mathematical models or creating interactive presentations with ease.

Some of its main features include:

* Can apply euclidean/non-euclidean, analytical, and transformational geometry.

* Can construct the basic geometric elements: points, lines, circles, polygons (including regular polygons), etc.

* Can calculate fast and precise loci (by points, lines, and circles).

* Enables geometric transformations (central and axial symmetry, reflection, translation, dilation, rotation, inversion).

* Can define cones.

* Can verify geometric properties (parallel, perpendicular, member, collinear, equidistant).

* Can define, combine, evaluate, and plot functions.

* Works with cartesian and polar coordinates.

* Can define user construction tools through macros.

* Can define animations on the construction.

* Can edit and modify the construction at any time.

* Easy to learn and use.

* Fully customizable, including multi-language support.

The ability to save is deactivated.

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